„Hui! Wäller? – Allemol!“

– is the traditional greeting in the Westerwald and we are also closely connected to tradition. Our family-run company Zöller&Born is located in the beautiful Kannenbäckerland, here already since the 16th century vessels and works of art are made of clay. We, the children of the company founders Alois Zöller and Werner Born, are proud to carry on this tradition, the production of original German beer mugs.

Reliability – Diligence – Quality

Modeling is an art! Our beer mugs and their motifs are artistically designed by our modelers with a lot of experience. Our creations originate from our own imagination or are based on traditional models.

The magic word is teamwork

During production, the jug passes through many hands. At every single station it is processed by hand and with a lot of care, in order to prepare it for the next work step in the best possible way. The high-quality result is no coincidence, but requires a team, where one can rely on the other.

Painted with love

The painting of the steins requires not only artistry, but also a lot of experience and one or two tricks. With patience and calm, the beer mugs are carefully painted. This requires the utmost concentration, because only in this way each mug becomes unique and at the same time „the most beautiful“ mug in the series.

To each mug its lid

A lid made of pure pewter, neatly crafted and cast onto the handle, ensures a safe function and forms the crowning finish for a mug from Zöller&Born.

From the idea to the finished stein

Click the play button in the video above to see the creation of our new beer stein, the „Ball State Limited Edition“ from idea to finished stein. This beer stein was custom made by us and first offered at the 2022 Christmas Market in the City of Carmel, Indiana.

Which motif would you like?

We offer a wide selection of different shapes, sizes and motifs. Should it be a small or large jug? Colorfully painted or classically in cobalt blue? With motifs from the region, with coats of arms or landmarks from other regions or countries? If you can’t find the piece you are looking for in our assortment of more than 600 jugs, we can also produce jugs according to your specifications – please feel free to contact us.

You can find our current assortment in our catalogs, which we offer for download in .pdf format. If you are a reseller and are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of joy and enjoyable hours with our beer mugs – Prosit!